Closing of Dayak Nosu Minu Podi XX Traditional Gawai at Rumah Betang Raya Dori’ Mpulor, Ds. Mawang River, District. Kapuas, Kab. Sanggau

The 2024 Dayak Nosu Minu Podi XX Traditional Gawai concluded with a vibrant celebration at Rumah Betang Raya Dori’ Mpulor, Ds. Mawang River, District Kapuas, Kab. Sanggau. This year’s event marked another successful cultural gathering, filled with traditional performances, rituals, and a strong sense of community among the Dayak people.

Mr. Ontot (Jas Merah), former deputy regent of Sanggau, is running as a candidate for regent of Sanggau in the upcoming regional elections in November 2024 and beside him, Mr. Paoulus Hadi, former regent of Sanggau, was elected as a member of the DPR RI in 2024.

Former Regent and Deputy Regent of Sanggau, Mr. Paolus Hadi and Mr. Yohanes Ontot, were seen dancing joyfully during the festivities. Their presence was particularly significant, as during their tenure as Regent and Deputy Regent, they played a crucial role in reviving and promoting the Dayak Nosu Minu Podi Gawai. Their commitment to preserving Dayak culture and heritage has been evident throughout their years of service.

Mr. Paolus Hadi and Mr. Yohanes Ontot have always been strong advocates for the younger generation of the Dayak community. They have continuously motivated the youth to compete and excel, urging them to embrace and adapt to the rapidly advancing digital technology. Their leadership has inspired many young Dayaks to pursue education and careers that align with the demands of the modern world, without losing touch with their cultural roots.

The closing ceremony of the Gawai was a testament to the vibrant culture and enduring traditions of the Dayak people. The event featured traditional dances, music, and rituals that highlighted the rich heritage of the community. Attendees, both young and old, participated in the celebrations, showcasing their pride in their cultural identity.

The Rumah Betang Raya Dori’ Mpulor, a traditional longhouse, served as the perfect venue for the event. Its historical significance and architectural beauty added to the cultural ambiance of the Gawai. The longhouse, with its intricately carved wooden structures and communal layout, embodies the spirit of togetherness and shared heritage that the Dayak community holds dear.

As the event came to a close, the spirit of unity and cultural pride was palpable. The legacy of Mr. Paolus Hadi and Mr. Yohanes Ontot’s efforts to preserve and promote Dayak traditions will continue to inspire future generations. Their vision of a Dayak community that thrives in the digital age while staying connected to its cultural roots is a beacon of hope and progress for the people of Sanggau.

The Dayak Nosu Minu Podi XX Traditional Gawai in 2024 was not just a celebration of culture; it was a reaffirmation of the community’s commitment to its heritage and its future. As the last notes of traditional music faded and the final dance steps were taken, the Dayak people left with a renewed sense of pride and a shared vision for a brighter, culturally rich future.

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