Closing of the XXth Dayak Nosu Minu Podi Traditional Gawai

The closing moment of the Dayak Traditional Gawai Nosu Minu Podi XX Sanggau Regency in 2024 at Rumah Betang Raya Dori Mpulor, West Kalimantan, marked the success of the event as the result of the hard work and collaboration of the entire Dayak community. Sanggau Regency DAD Supreme Leader, Paolus Hadi, emphasized the importance of unity and progress for the Dayak community in his speech.

Group photo

Paolus Hadi, member of the DPR RI elected for 2024-2029, expressed his pride in holding this event and warned about the importance of maintaining Dayak traditional values. He also emphasized his commitment as Regent of Sanggau to always be present and support every Gawai Dayak, as a form of loyalty to the community.

Photo leaders of Sanggau regency

This closing event was also attended by various community leaders, traditional leaders and young Dayak generations, all of whom witnessed the long journey of Gawai Dayak Nosu Minu Podi, from when it was first held at Gor Pancasila to now having its own place at Rumah Betang Raya Dori Mpulor.

Paolus Hadi also noted that Gawai Dayak is not only a celebration, but also an important momentum to discuss the progress of the Dayak traditional community, which has given birth to many great scholars, figures and leaders. He called on all parties to continue to unite and fight to advance the Dayak community towards a better future.

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