Kalbarinformation.com Policy


  1. Improve the quality and credibility of published news.
  2. Maintain reader trust and build a loyal audience.
  3. Ensure the continuity and development of the blog.

Public policy:

Truth and Accuracy: All published news must be accurate, factual and based on reliable sources. Avoid fake news, hoaxes and misleading information.

Balance and Objectivity: Report events in a balanced and objective manner, presenting multiple points of view. Avoid bias and personal opinions that are not supported by facts.

Journalistic Ethics: Adhere to the journalistic code of ethics, such as respecting the right to privacy, avoiding plagiarism, and not engaging in bribery practices.

Writing Standards: Articles are written in clear, concise and easy to understand language. Pay attention to the rules of good grammar and spelling.

Topic: Focus on news about West Kalimantan, with broad coverage ranging from politics, economics, social, culture, to other regional events.

Sources: Use credible and accountable sources, such as government agencies, official institutions, community figures and experts.

Verification: Verify information before publishing, especially from unofficial sources.

Correction: Immediately correct errors that occur in reporting and inform readers.

Comments: Open space for reader comments, but monitor and moderate comments that are inappropriate, contain SARA, or are defamatory.

Promotions: Limit commercial promotions and advertising. Make sure the ad is relevant to the blog content and does not disturb the reader’s comfort.

Plagiarism: Protect copyright and avoid plagiarism. Give credit to the source if you use quotes or data from other parties.

Social Media: Leverage social media to promote news and interact with readers. However, comply with the rules and policies of each social media platform.

Additional Policies:

Blogs can create specific policies for certain news categories, such as crime or political news.

Blogs can partner with other media or freelance journalists to expand news reach.


This policy will be reviewed periodically in accordance with blog developments and needs. Readers can provide input and suggestions for policy improvements via the blog contact page.


By implementing this policy, the West Kalimantan Information blog can become a trusted and useful source of information for the people of West Kalimantan.