Government Prepares Ceremony for the 79th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia in the New Capital of the Archipelago The government continues to be committed to preparing facilities and infrastructure for the 79th Independence Day Ceremony of the Republic of Indonesia in the new capital of the archipelago. One of the main focuses is the construction of the ceremonial field which is entering the final stages, with the hope of being completed on time.

The construction of the ceremonial field, which is the center of the Independence Day celebrations, is being accelerated by the government to ensure that all supporting facilities and infrastructure are ready to support ceremonies in the archipelago.

Ceremonial Field at IKN

Plt. Deputy Head of the Archipelago Capital Authority (IKN), Raja Juli Antoni, stated his commitment: “The government under the coordination of the Ministry of PUPR is making every effort to complete the preparations for the Independence Ceremony well. The finalization stage for the construction of the State Palace building and the Ceremonial Field in the Presidential Palace area at IKN work is underway to ensure the infrastructure is ready for use.”

With the realization of the construction of a good ceremonial field, King Juli Antoni is optimistic that the 79th Indonesian Independence Day Ceremony in the archipelago will run smoothly. “We are optimistic that this project will be ready and of good quality,” he added.

It is hoped that the commemoration of the 79th Independence Day will be an important momentum that will raise the national spirit and strengthen unity among all Indonesian people. The IKN Authority and the Government are committed to holding this ceremony as well as possible, marking the success of a major step towards a better future for Indonesia.

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